HeatPulse 膝蓋按摩器

HeatPulse Knee Massager


Long-lasting comfort with heat and vibration therapy


尺碼:一體通用。 360°輕量防磨損Silkro™織物,任何膝盖都可以舒适使用

A knee massager that delivers soothing heat and steady vibrative pulses to relieve knee pain.

True one-size-fits-all: 360° lightweight anti-fray Silkro™ fabric for a snug and customized fit on any knee.



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1.5-year warranty


30-day risk-free guarantee



頂帶:51 cm(20”)
底帶:48 cm(19”)
延伸帶:58 cm(23”)

360° Silkro™ fabric
Breathable, moisture-wicking polyester mesh lining
51cm (20”) top strap, 48cm (19”) bottom strap, 58cm (23”) extension strap


Control Pod

電池使用時間:60-90分鐘(1600mAh 7W 5V)

Temperature: 5 settings, 40-60°C (104-140°F)
Massage: 3 speeds, 120Hz
Battery:60-90 mins (1600mAh 7W 5V)

  • 1 HeatPulse膝蓋按摩器(包括定制貼合膝蓋袖子和可拆卸的控制器)
  • 1 HeatPulse Knee Massager (comprising custom-fit sleeve and detachable control pod)
  • 1 延伸帶(可在肩膀使用)
  • 1 extension strap (for using HeatPulse on the shoulders)
  • 1 USB-C充電線
  • 1 USB-C charging cable
  • 1 產品說明書
  • 1 product manual


Trusted by experts

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    Will Harlow

    HT Physio診所主任以及首席物理治療師 Clinic Director & Lead Physio
    HT Physio

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    Dr Cody Hanish

    Chiropractor and Clinic Director
    Combined Clinics

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    Dr Kevin Tomassini

    Spine and Performance

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    John Wayne Parr

    10屆蟬聯泰拳世界冠軍 10x Muay Thai world champion

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    Angela Lee Pucci

    ONE女子原子量級冠軍 ONE Women's Atomweight Champion

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    Matt Bevilacqua

    5屆蟬聯槳板世界冠軍 5x Paddleboard World Champion

    • “HeatPulse是一款史無前例專門針對膝蓋按摩的治療儀器。HYDRAGUN的創新理念將永遠改變康復行業。” "Never before has there been a more targeted massage treatment for your knee. HYDRAGUN is changing the recovery game forever with the creation of this new post-workout tool."

    • “深度放鬆。我真的很高興能夠隨時隨地使用HeatPulse進行便捷按摩……一站式解決所有關節問題。” "Deeply relaxing. I really enjoyed being able to strap this on wherever, whenever, for a quick on-the-go massage... A one-stop shop for all things dodgy joints."

    • “無論你有疼痛或者慢性疼痛,這個產品可以提供有針對性的緩解和治療。” "Whether you just have a niggle or an ache, or maybe you suffer more chronic pain (this would be brilliant for arthritis sufferers), this tech provides targeted relief."

    • “如果您患有膝蓋疼痛,HeatPulse能夠提供很大的幫助。它使用加熱和振動緩解肌肉緊繃,酸痛和僵硬。” "If you suffer from knee pain, the HeatPulse could be a game changer. It uses heat and steady vibrations to deliver relief from tightness, soreness and stiffness."

    • “HeatPulse的加熱和振動功能能緩解任何酸痛和病痛。” "Soothes any aches or ailments with both heat and a soft pulse."

    • “完美的禮物……適合送給整天站著而感受到膝蓋疼痛的服務業朋友。” "The perfect gift... for the service-industry friend who's on their feet all day."

    • “HeatPulse的振動能瞄准我的膝蓋,而它的暖和能穿透我的骨頭。” "The buzz hones in on a spot I cannot target with a percussive massager and the warmth finds its way to deep it feels like it's warming my bones."

    • “這是一種便捷的方式解決膝蓋問題。。。 非常適合膝關炎,膝蓋扭傷,膝蓋韌帶拉傷的患者。” "A convenient and easy way to help with knee issues... ideal for those afflicted with arthritis of the knee, sprains, ligament strain and pain caused from high-impact sports."

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      HeatPulse適合: The HeatPulse is designed for:

      膝關節炎 Knee arthritis


      Relieve chronic knee stiffness and pain


      Speed up healing of acute knee pain

      膝關節損傷和術後恢復 Knee injuries and post-surgery recovery


      Improve blood flow to ease age-related joint tension and increase flexibility


      Heal damaged tissues by increasing blood flow to the knee delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the damaged ligaments

      高强度運動 High-impact sports


      Speed up post-exercise recovery


      Manage overexertion of knee joints after high-impact activity


      Hear from our customers

      • Peter Kirk

        膝關節炎疼痛患者 Relieved of arthritis pain

        “我的右膝蓋有關節炎,腫脹很大,所以跑步時很痛。 我願意忍受痛苦,因為我不想放棄跑步。 使用HeatPulse膝關節按摩器能讓我減輕膝蓋疼痛。 “I have arthritis in my right knee with a fair amount of swelling so it’s painful to run. I tolerate the pain because I don’t want to give up running. I’ve used the HeatPulse on it and it takes the edge off the pain.”

      • Andrew Nelmes

        半月板撕裂患者 Relieved from meniscus tear

        “我減壓的兩個愛好是游泳和健身。HeatPulse不但讓我動完膝蓋手術後重拾信心鍛煉身體,而且讓我的膝蓋減少疼痛。” “The two things I do to manage stress are swimming and gymming. I love going to the gym. Regaining my confidence and getting back to the gym after surgery is really useful for me. With the HeatPulse, after just 30 minutes of usage, I was surprised at how much better my knees felt.”

      • Isabella Guinevere Loza

        髌腱炎患者 Relieved of patellar tendinitis

        “有一天,經過一整天的芭蕾舞訓練後,膝蓋疼痛特別嚴重。使用HeatPulse膝關節按摩器後,立即緩解了我的膝關節疼痛。” “One day I was fine, and then the next day, I just went back to bend my knee, and I started crying. The pain was just terrible. After a long day of ballet, I tried the HeatPulse for the first time and I experienced knee pain relief immediately.”

      • Alli Buchanan

        膝關節炎疼痛患者 Relieved of arthritis pain

        “膝關節疼痛有時讓我痛到掉眼淚。HeatPulse膝關節按摩器能讓我緩解膝關節疼痛,減少膝蓋腫脹。” “I was crying because I was in so much pain. The HeatPulse felt like something that was missing from my life all this time. It does exactly what I need when I’m in pain or when my knee is really swollen.”

      • Robin Arnold

        髕骨關節炎患者 Relieved of patellofemoral osteoarthritis

        “我已經61歲了,現在特別注意健康。膝關節疼痛雖然影響到我的生活,但是遇到了HeatPulse之後,我的膝關節現在好多了!” “I’m 61 years old already and I am focused on keeping fit and extending my life and health for as long as possible. My quality of life was compromised due to knee pain but thanks to the HeatPulse, my knees feel a lot better now.”

      • Zoe Barker

        膝關節炎疼痛患者 Relieved of arthritis pain

        “膝關節炎對我個人影響很大,因為我喜歡跑步,但是跑步時的膝關炎疼痛讓我很難受。一打開HeatPulse膝關節按摩器後,我的疼痛瞬間得到緩解。 它可以消除疼痛,舒緩疼痛。” “Arthritis has affected me quite a lot personally, because I love running but it started hurting. As soon as I turned on the HeatPulse, I experienced instantaneous pain relief. It takes the pain away, it soothes it.”

      • Hayley Dixon

        類風濕疼痛患者 Relieved of rheumatoid pain

        “我以為我癱瘓了。 有幾個星期我根本無法動彈,也影響到我的訓練。 對於類風濕性疼痛,最好的解決方式是讓關節暖和起來。使用HeatPulse讓我有很大的幫助,現在我能更容易在家裡煮飯,走動。” “I thought I was paralyzed. There were weeks that I couldn’t move at all. That caused me to fall behind on my training. With rheumatoid pain, the best thing that you can do is to warm up your joints so that they can move more freely. The HeatPulse has definitely made a big impact. Being able to walk around, and cook, and move around the house, as freely as you want. And I wish I had it sooner, right after my surgery.”

        為什麼HeatPulse那麼有效? How does the HeatPulse work?

        HeatLast™ 紅外石墨烯科技 HeatLast™ infrared graphene technology

        HeatPulse膝蓋按摩器使用HeatLast ™ 紅外石墨烯科技,在膝蓋上提供一個多小時的溫和熱量

        The HeatPulse uses HeatLast™ infrared graphene technology to provide over an hour of gentle, steady warmth to the knee joint.

        從5個加熱設定中選擇, 40-60°C (104-140°F)

        Choose from five levels of heat, ranging from 40-60℃ (104-140°F).

        振動刺激血液迴圈 Pulse vibration stimulates blood circulation

        雙重震動,為膝蓋提供120Hz的定向脈衝, 刺激血液循環,持久緩解緊張、酸痛和疼痛 Dual vibrating cores hug both sides of the knee to provide targeted 120Hz pulses to the patella, stimulating blood circulation and providing lasting relief from tightness, soreness and pain.

        隨意選擇三種按摩速度和強度 Choose from three massage speeds.

        为什么该选择 Why choose the HeatPulse?


        非甾體抗炎藥 NSAIDs

        Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

        物理治療/按摩 Physical Therapy/ Massage

        有成本效率 Cost-effective

        次性付款1199港幣 One-time $1,199

        每月300港幣以上的經常性費用 Recurring expense of $300+ a month

        每次按摩500-1000港幣的經常性費用 Recurring expense of $500-$1000 a session

        立即止痛 Immediate relief

        方便 Convenient

        無副作用 No side-effects

        30-day money-back guarantee and 1.5- year warranty

        電池使用壽命行業領先Industry-leading battery life

        可為膝蓋提供30分鐘加熱按摩 Reliably provides up to 30 minutes of therapy on each knee

        安全又舒緩 Soothing and safe

        最佳溫度範圍(40-60°C/104-140°F), 提供溫和有效的治療 Optimally-calibrated temperature range of 40-60℃ (104-140°F) for gentle and effective treatment

        使用方便 Fuss-free

        精緻的設計,帶來舒適、便捷的恢復體驗 Refined user design for a comfortable, convenient recovery experience

        Man using control pod of HeatPulse Knee Massager

        旨在提供輕鬆愉快的康復體驗 Designed to deliver a pleasant and easy recovery experience

        時尚的無線設計 Sleek, cordless design

        可拆卸的控制器充電方便 With detachable control pod for easy charging

        一體通用 True one-size-fits-all

        360°輕量防磨損Silkro™織物,任何膝蓋都可舒適使用 360° lightweight, anti-fray and anti-bacterial Silkro™ fabric for a snug and comfortable velcro fit on any knee

        界面操作簡單 Easy-to-use interface

        可隨意選擇5個不同溫度和3個不同速度的設置 Controls 5 heat ranges and 3 vibrative pulse speeds at a push of a button

        自動化按摩 Set it and forget it

        在每個膝蓋上自動進行30分鐘的療程 Automatically runs a full 30-minute treatment session on each knee

        多功能設計-能使用在不同的關節 Versatile design for multi-joint use

        woman using heatpulse on the elbows

        使用在肘部上 Use on elbows

        HeatPulse的360°Silkro™織物設計能定制合身, 囙此也能用在手肘上 The HeatPulse is designed with 360° Silkro™ fabric for a fully customizable fit, so it can be used on the elbows as well as the knees.

        woman using heatpulse on the shoulders

        使用在肩膀上 Use on shoulders

        如果想使用HeatPulse在肩膀上,請把延長帶連上去,並將其纏繞在軀幹和腋下以固定 To use the HeatPulse on the shoulder, simply attach the provided extension strap and wrap it around the torso and under the armpit to secure.

        我們的輕鬆購買體驗包括: Our hassle-free purchase experience includes:

        免費送貨上門 Free standard shipping to your doorstep

        30天內免費輕鬆退貨 Free and easy returns within 30 days

        24/7全天候客服支持 Fast, responsive, 24/7 customer support

        18個月產品保養 Automatically registered 1.5-year warranty

        我們對您的承諾: Our promise to you:

        我們的30天退貨政策,保證每一位客戶滿意。 先購買嘗試我們的產品,如果不滿意,隨時聯繫我們的客服申請全額退款。 We guarantee every purchase with our 30-day “Love it or return it” policy. Buy it, try it, and if for whatever reason you don’t like it, return it to us for a full refund.

        客戶評價 Reviews from our customers

        Product showcase of the HeatPulse Knee Massager

        立即購買HeatPulse膝蓋按摩器,讓膝蓋遠離疼痛 Get the HeatPulse Knee Massager now for pain-free knees

        常見問題 Frequently asked questions

        如果想得到最好的效率,使用HeatPulse時,建議坐下來,保持膝蓋微彎曲,與袖子形狀對齊。 For best results, do not stand up or walk around while the HeatPulse is operating. Remain seated or inclined with your knee slightly bent to align with the shape of the sleeve.

        HeatPulse可以用於其他關節,如肘部和肩部。 將延長帶連接到頂部Silkro ™ 用帶子綁住軀幹,伸手到另一隻手臂下方,以固定HeatPulse按摩器 The HeatPulse can be used on other joints such as the elbows and shoulders. Attach the extension strap to the top Silkro™ strap and reach around the torso under the opposite arm to secure the HeatPulse.

        每次治療持續30分鐘,之後HeatPulse將自動關閉。 如果需要,可以在另一隻膝蓋上重複治療。 HeatPulse充電充滿時,够用兩次30分鐘治療。 Each therapy session runs for 30 minutes at a time, after which the HeatPulse will automatically shut off. Repeat the treatment session on the other knee if desired. The HeatPulse can provide at least two 30-minute sessions on a full charge.

        建議充電時間為2至3小時。 頻繁過度充電可能會降低電池效能和壽命。 The recommended charging time is two to three hours for a full charge. Frequent overcharging may deteriorate battery performance and lifespan.

        拆下控制器,用稍濕的布或者濕紙巾消毒,搽乾淨。 千萬別浸泡、清洗或浸入水中。 清潔後風乾,確保袖子完全乾燥,然後再連接控制器並將其打開按摩器。 Remove the control pod and wipe down with a slightly damp cloth or sanitize with alcohol sprays or wipes. Do not soak, wash, or submerge in water. Air dry after cleaning and make sure the sleeve is completely dry before attaching the pod and turning it on.

        HeatPulse使用USB-C線充電。 The HeatPulse is charged using a USB-C cable. The cable can be connected to most USB-C charging bricks or ports to charge.

        是的。 HeatPulse包含一個1600mAh電池,所以能無線使用它。 我們建議HeatPulse連到電源插座時,儘量避免使用。 Yes, the HeatPulse contains a 1600mAh battery which allows it to be used cordlessly. Do not operate the HeatPulse while it is plugged in or attached to a power outlet.

        HeatPulse按摩器只有一個尺寸。材質是彈性Silkro™織物, 靈活設計,可以隨意調節尺寸,以適應不同的膝蓋尺寸。 The HeatPulse only comes in one size. It is made of elastic Silkro™ fabric and the design allows it to be strapped at any angle, which accommodates different knee circumferences.

        HeatPulse的尺寸如下: The dimensions of the HeatPulse are as follows:

        • 頂帶長度:51cm(20“) Length of top strap: 51cm (20")
        • 底帶長度:48cm(19“) Length of bottom strap: 48cm (19")
        • 延伸帶長度:58cm(23“) Length of extension strap: 58cm (23")

        是的。 HeatPulse按摩器只能隨身攜帶,無法托運,因為產品包含有鋰電池。 Yes, the HeatPulse can be brought on carry-on baggage only. Do not leave the HeatPulse in check-in baggage as it contains a lithium battery.

        是的。 我們為每個HeatPulse訂單提供30天無風險保證。 如果想諮詢退款資訊,請聯繫我們客服的郵箱地址: support@hydragun.com Yes, we offer a 30-day risk free guarantee with every HeatPulse purchase. Contact support@hydragun.com for more information on returns.

        HeatPulse從新加坡,澳大利亞,美國和香港的倉庫發貨。 We ship from our warehouses in Singapore, Australia and the United States.


        奧地利、比利時、保加利亞、克羅地亞、賽普勒斯、丹麥、愛沙尼亞、芬蘭、法國、德國、希臘、梵蒂岡城、匈牙利、愛爾蘭、義大利、列支敦士登、立陶宛、盧森堡、馬爾他、荷蘭、挪威、波蘭、葡萄牙、羅馬尼亞、斯洛伐克、斯洛文尼亞、西班牙、瑞典、瑞士、烏克蘭、捷克、馬來西亞、 印尼、中國、臺灣、菲律賓、越南、日本、汶萊、澳門、阿拉伯聯合大公國、,墨西哥、孟加拉、高棉、斐濟、老撾、瑪律地夫、尼泊爾、蒙古、緬甸、巴基斯坦、巴布亞新磯內亞、斯里蘭卡、阿根廷、玻利維亞、巴西、智利、哥倫比亞、厄瓜多、法屬圭亞那、蓋亞那、巴拉圭、秘魯、 蘇利南、烏拉圭、委內瑞拉、南非、澳大利亞、紐西蘭
        The HeatPulse ships free to Singapore, Australia, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
        It also ships to the following countries. Use CTRL+F (CMD+F for Mac) to search for your country:

        Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Vatican City, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Czechia, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Brunei, Macau, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Fiji, Laos, Maldives, Nepal, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand

        我們暫時沒有實體店。 這讓我們節省額外成本,减低我們的零售價。 No, we do not currently have any physical stores to try our products. This allows us to save on additional costs and pass the savings on to you.

        是的。每一个HeatPulse的订单包括30天无风险保证免费退款,1.5年产品保养。如果你使用HeatPulse时遇到任何困难,请联系我们客户的邮箱地址: support@hydragun.com, 或者在我们的网站上使用在线聊天跟我们的客服联系。 Yes, every HeatPulse purchase is protected by a 30-day risk-free guarantee with free returns, and a 1.5-year warranty (automatically registered). If you experience any issues with your HeatPulse, simply email support@hydragun.com or use the live chat on our website to speak to any of our customer care representatives.