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The Quietest Massage Gun

Here’s why world champions, Olympians, athletes and professionals choose the Hydragun muscle gun to help them perform at their best.

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「HYDRAGUN 利用衝擊療法來緩解肌肉酸痛,專利技術在快速讓肌肉酸痛和關節痛恢復同時能保持寧靜,加上輕巧設計,是日常減壓的良伴,」

"WAY better than other muscle guns... super quiet, super long-lasting battery life, seriously effective."




What the community has to say

Mark Robinson
Dietitian & Fitness Model

"It's truly pretty awesome! Hydragun is revolutionary in post training recovery or for activation pre or during any exercise session! The first thing I noticed - it's so silent! Secondly, it’s comfort to hold and modern, state of the art presentation! Thirdly, the six speeds provide a fantastic range of settings! Fourthly, ALL the attachments cover every option for my muscles."

Siobhan Haughey
Tokyo 2020 Olympian, Silver Medalist, Swimming

"I like using the Hydragun after training because it is a quick and easy way to release muscle tensions. It's also light so I can carry it around with me. One thing I love about the Hydragun is that there are six different speed settings, so I can adjust accordingly based on how my muscles are feeling."

Camille Cheng
Tokyo 2020 Olympian, Swimming

"The latest addition to my recovery routine, my hydragun! I've been using it at the pool and at home for the last few weeks and it has been great for muscle soreness. Not to mention, it is very quiet and convenient to carry to and from training. It’s definitely on my packing list to Tokyo!"

Dominic da Costa
Fitness Model

I've been prioritising my recovery alot more recently and already seeing the benefits from doing so - this cool piece of kit is going to help take things to the next level for me.

Caeli McKay
Tokyo 2020 Olympian, Pan American Games Gold and Silver Medalist, Team Canada Professional Diver

"The past year has been full of learning experiences. One specific thing I’ve had to learn to work with is my recovery process! With having so much time out of the pool after quarantine my body was hit hard and I found it so hard to recover and soothe my body. The Hydragun made it so much easier for me to relax the tense muscles and give me some relief after a long hard ten meter practice!"

Jared Lum
Professional Footballer

"I have used many massage guns during my professional career to aid my recovery. The Hydragun is on a different level. Powerful enough to make a difference yet quiet enough it won’t wake my kids up at night. The Hydragun is my go to recovery tool!"

Theo Ming-Tai Chan
Hong Kong Olympic Athlete

"My favourite thing about the Hydragun: how quiet it is! Now I can keep binge-watching  Big Bang Theory on Netflix while doing my recovering routine to take my mind off my sore muscles and the stresses of training during this chaotic Olympic year."

Matt Bevilacqua
5x Paddleboard World Champion

The HYDRAGUN is without doubt the best recovery tool I’ve tried. Super quiet yet with power when needed it makes recovery so convenient and efficient. It's got my tick of approval!

Auman Yick
Content Creator, Youtuber

"As a full-time creator and YouTuber, I often suffer from back and neck pain from working in front of the computer for long hours. With Hydragun I can massage those muscles for an active recovery so that I can keep doing the things that I love - that is creating awesome content!"

Grandpa Maoyu
Clinical Psychologist

"I have been suffering from shoulder pain and lower back pain due to long hours of sitting down at work. This lean mean machine really helped to ease my shoulders stiffness and loosen those knots as well, I felt an instant stress relief. In the practical sense, Hydragun is easy to use “even for an old timer like me ;)” and it’s surprisingly quiet and light. It is definitely portable and can be used anywhere. The three-hour battery life in one single charge is top notch- as my grandson might say. He would say “it’s sick!”

Yee mei Lam

"It could be relax also recovery. Treat yourself good with Hydragun"

Yoga Instructor

"I’m a Yoga instructor and Yoga has become an essential part of my life, but I’ve had a huge passion for other sports like golf, weight training and rock climbing! HYDRAGUN is perfect for me to reduce muscle recovery time and relax my whole body. A very handy device, highly recommend!"

How did we make
Hydragun so quiet?

Hydragun gives a sports massage that is powered by SmoothDrive motor technology that’s often imitated, but never duplicated. Our brushless motor is why Hydragun delivers the quietest deep tissue massage.

"It's so quiet... this was one of the reasons I bought it in the
first place. I can sit next to my wife and massage away
quietly while watching TV."

- David Kenny

Not is it just quiet,

Hydragun stays quiet.

Not only is it quiet,

Hydragun stays quiet

"It’s quiet so I can use it while I’m watching TV or reading, or while I’m lying in bed."

- Ade Yong

Find out what makes Hydragun the superior massage gun in HK.

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