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Millennials more prone to work-from-home body pain. Here’s why.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, millions all over the world have been forced to work from home. If you’re one of those affected, you may be experiencing new aches and pains from working at home that you might not have experienced before.

According to a report by charity organization Versus Arthritis involving 1,040 workers, 4 out of 5 people develop musculoskeletal pains while working from home—the most common being back pain.

One participant, Carol, shared that since the lockdown she developed “incredibly stiff and painful” joints. Prior to lockdown, she had an ergonomic chair at her office. However, she had since developed musculoskeletal pains due to her poor home office setup and decrease in physical activity.

Another study conducted by health insurer Bupa on 2,003 adults found similar results. 6 out of 10 people working from home suffer musculoskeletal pain.

30% of the participants reported they had back pains, 22% had neck pains, 13% wrist, hand and arm pains, 11% hip pains and 12% said they had knee pains. The study also found that people aged 18 to 34 were the most likely to experience pain.

Being young can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, our bodies are relatively strong, mobile and capable of compensating for poor posture. However, because of that, we tend not to feel the effects until it’s too late. Spinal compression from poor posture can creep into our lives and many of us aren’t aware of it.

Poor posture is the main cause of long-term
work-from-home pain.

The Bupa study also reported that many young people found themselves unwittingly “hunching (24%), slouched or slumping (18%), or sitting with their back or their legs twisted (10%).” And no, those people weren’t doing yoga at home.

Posture or alignment problems, when left unchecked, can lead to long-term health problems that become permanent. Lower back pain from poor posture can lead to weakened muscles which become unable to hold the spine in a neutral position. This causes the neck and shoulders to hunch forward and compresses the spine further.

We often don’t notice how much our movement or mobility depends on our shoulders and neck until they start to hurt, and then we feel every single shift and turn. If you’ve ever woken up with a stiff neck or pinched nerve, you’d be familiar with this feeling.

Which is why treating lower back pain early is critical, especially if it’s still in its early stages. So, on top of watching your posture and building a better home office setup, what else can you do?

How can you prevent musculoskeletal pains from
getting worse?

How can you prevent musculoskeletal pains from getting worse? How do you treat low back pain, shoulder aches, “tech neck” and carpal tunnel syndrome early on? And is there a convenient solution?

For those who have been working from home even before the pandemic and have years of body pain and aches built up, finding something quick, convenient and effective is important to them.

"As a mama-blogger, I spend a lot of time in front of my laptop typing away... Sometimes I work-play for hours without realizing, and my arms, shoulders, and legs would tense up,” says blogger Manting Chen.

Before getting her hands on this handheld pain relief solution, she would go for a massage once a month, if she had the time. Now, she can get a deep-tissue massage at home, any time.

Youtuber Auman Yick also shares the same sentiments. “As a full-time creator and YouTuber, I often suffer from back and neck pain from working in front of the computer for long hours.” And he too can now get a massage at his work desk without breaking from his routine.

Trusted by more than 300 athletes, professionals and international media

Imagine pain relief that’s just an arm’s reach away. Anywhere, anytime. You can use it during Zoom meetings or while you’re taking a break. Just 10 minutes a day without needing to get out of your seat.

That solution is the Hydragun, the quietest massage gun on the market. Used by hundreds of professional athletes to treat post-workout aches, many people working from home have begun to adopt this convenient solution to get pain relief at home and increase their focus and productivity.

The Hydragun has been featured in GQ, Business Insider, Forbes and dozens of other international publications. More than a hundred professional athletes, Olympians and physiotherapists have also sung the Hydragun’s praises.

How does the Hydragun work?

The Hydragun delivers a deep tissue massage through powerful strikes to the targeted area. This stimulates blood flow and reduces pain sensitivity around the massage area. Research shows that it can reduce soreness and improve mobility—which can counter aches and stiffness from working from home.

Just 10 minutes a day to drive the pain away. The Hydragun is designed for self-application. Its 99-degree handle and easy grip materials allows you to reach across your lower back to give yourself a massage. The perfect work desk companion.

The effectiveness and convenience of the Hydragun is unrivalled. And more importantly, it is also whisper-quiet, powerful and engineered with precision. The Hydragun gives premium massage guns three times its price a run for their money, by using their very own proprietary motor technology which makes the Hydragun powerful, yet near silent.

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