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Is this the end of aging aches and pains?

New advancements in massage technology help alleviate muscle and joint pain so that you can live happier, healthier and pain-free.

If you were born in the 70s or earlier, you’ve definitely experienced first-hand how fast technology has evolved over the last 50 years.

The world’s first commercial 16-bit minicomputer was announced in 1965, and cost $28,500 (more than $240,000 in today’s dollars). Today, you can buy a smartphone that fits in your pocket at a fraction of the price.

The technology behind massage tools have also evolved at a similar rate. The first massage chair was designed in 1968 by David Palmer, and back then, it looked like a medieval torture device. Pretty uncomfortable. Today, you can get a handheld massage device for a couple hundred dollars.

The reality of the human body and aging

While technology has gotten better over the years, it’s not the same for the human body. Scientists have yet to successfully reverse aging through genetic engineering.

Which means many of us still have to go through the regular aging process. Our bones start rattling; our muscles start aching and backs start hurting. So much so that even doing simple everyday tasks like taking off our jacket or making the bed can result in a pulled muscle or, worse, a dislocated shoulder.

Reports show that roughly 75% of older adults suffer from persistent pain. The most common being lower back pain, osteoarthritis, joint pain, pelvic pain, nerve pain and carpal tunnel. And these can start as early as in our 30s. We might joke that this is just “part of getting old”, but in the long-run those aches and pains are no laughing matter.

Aging pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.

So, what can you do to deal with aging pain so you can do the things you love? Things like playing with your grandkids, enjoying your favorite late night TV shows or seeing the world.

Aside from regular strength training and getting the right nutrition, is there a quick, easy and convenient solution to deal with pain?

Massage guns are not magical devices, but they’re pretty close. A 2020 study published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine showed that massage guns helped to improve lower limb mobility and range of motion among participants.

This is especially important to maintain independence in old age. The ability to move around and do basic tasks like household chores and toileting all depends on how mobile we remain. And massage guns are a convenient way we can do that without having to spend hundreds of dollars per session with a physiotherapist.

This next-generation massage gun is the future of pain relief and recovery

Introducing the Hydragun, trusted by more than 300 athletes, professionals and regular people of all ages to treat muscle and joint pain. The Hydragun delivers a deep tissue massage through powerful strikes to the targeted area. This stimulates blood flow and reduces pain sensitivity around the massage area. It also loosens tight muscles and improves range of motion and mobility.

"I have been suffering from shoulder pain and lower back pain due to long hours of sitting down at work. This lean mean machine really helped to ease my shoulders stiffness and loosen those knots. As well, I felt an instant stress relief and I suspect that could be due to improved circulation in the body… Hydragun is easy to use “even for an old timer like me.”  - Grandpa Maoyu, Clinical Psychologist

How to use the Hydragun to treat body pain in 3 easy steps

Imagine pain relief that is just an arm’s reach away. Anywhere, anytime. Just 10 minutes a day or whenever you feel your pain creeping up. All without needing to get up or book an appointment with your physiotherapist.

“I bought my Hydragun a few weeks ago because I have been experiencing muscle stiffness and aches. So instead of making a visit to a therapist, I figured getting a massage gun to knock out those muscles would be a better choice. So I bought it based on a little research online. Having used the gun for a few weeks now, I must admit it is one of the quietest guns that I have come across.”
- Josephine N

Step 1: Select the massage gun head

The Hydragun comes with 6 different attachments, each designed to provide relief for different body parts. The large ball head is for large muscle groups like the thigh or lower back. The fork head is to massage trigger points and along the spine. The bullet head is for a deeper, more targeted massage. And the flat head is great for areas like the shoulder blades or IT bands.

Step 2: Select a speed

Some like a super intense pounding, while others prefer a comfortable, slower massage. WIth 6 speed settings to choose from, there’s a setting for everyone.

Step 3: Hold it lightly against the painful body part and move it around

The Hydragun is designed to do all the massaging work for you. Simply float it along the painful body part and let it massage away. Move it around slowly for 1-3 minutes.

If done right, your pain should be gone, allowing you to continue with your daily activities and do what you love pain-free.

“I am pleased to have bought the Hydragun on the recommendation of my pain management consultant. The massage gun worked to help to relieve my lower back pain as well as the sore body muscles. The gun is slightly heavy for me at age 78 but still manageable. I like it because it's extremely quiet. No hesitation in recommending to anyone looking for a good massage using this gun.
Steven A.

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