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Is This How You Finally Stop Running Pains?

Common running pains stop you from achieving wellness goals. Here’s how massage tech helps prevent pain and injury among recreational and athletic runners.

Dull, throbbing pain in front of the knees; Sharp, stabbing pain from the ankles; Tight and cramping calves - any of them sound familiar? Whether you’re a marathoner, a track athlete or a recreational runner, there’s a good chance that you have experienced one - if not all - of these running pains.

While resting and taking meds have been the go-to remedy for many runners, these are band-aid solutions at best, and do not help much in preventing pain in the long run (pun definitely intended).

The painful truth of running

Finishing that 15K marathon or hitting 10K steps through running IS rewarding. You worked hard and going for that extra mile of running is fulfilling. However, your body can only take so much and it will let you know when it’s reached its limits.

Which means as a runner, your knees suddenly give up from under you. It feels weak and cannot support your weight, which causes you to fall forward. Your ankles send shots of stabbing pain every time you take a step.

You can’t move around properly, much less go for a run the next day. Worse, you suddenly get leg cramps while you’re walking or driving which is extremely dangerous not just for you, but the people around you.

You can outrun pain

So, what can you do to keep yourself in top running form every day? Aside from the usual stretch exercises and getting enough sleep and proper nutrition, there is an easy, effective solution that will help put an end to running pains.

The future of runner pains recovery

Introducing the next generation in muscle pain and recovery - Hydragun. This percussive deep tissue massage gun is trusted by hundreds of athletes and regular people since it’s successful launch last year.



Sany Rahman


"Awesome!!! Get rid of soreness after a long run and cycle. Low noise is a plus point. Not too heavy for long usage. Looks expensive and well built. Nice casing as well. Highly recommended 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽."

Hydragun provides a targeted deep tissue massage that loosens tight muscles and improves blood flow to effectively relieve running pain and soreness.

The deep massage also promotes muscle repair, making your legs, calves, ankles and knees stronger and less prone to injuries.

How to use Hydragun to stop running pains

Step 1: Choose a massage head attachment

The Hydragun comes with 6 different attachments: the foam ball head is for relief of large muscle groups like thighs or lower back. The fork head is for trigger point massages along your spine. The bullet head is used for deeper, targeted massages and can be used on your foot. The flat heads are great for muscles on the shoulder blades or IT bands.

Step 2: Choose a speed setting

Hydragun does not go from 0-100 real quick. You have 6 speed settings to choose from, giving you a personalized and effective massage experience.

Step 3: Float it against the painful muscle area and move it around

Let the Hydragun do all the work. It’s a powerful percussive massage gun so there’s no need to press it too hard on your muscles. Just let it float and move it around the problem areas for 2 minutes.

And that’s it. A quick massage with the Hydragun before and after your run is enough to keep running pains from stopping you from going for that extra mile.

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