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A Brand New Look

You might’ve noticed something different about us

Last year, we unveiled Hydragun to the world. We reached out to professional athletes, world champions, Olympians, and fitness enthusiasts to give our flagship product, the Hydragun, a try—and let us know their honest thoughts.

Their response was overwhelmingly positive. Many of them told us that the Hydragun was the quietest massage gun they’ve ever used—while still being strong and well-built.

Because of that, we were confident that the Hydragun would be well-received. And we weren’t wrong. We launched in Singapore and Australia later that year. The verdict: Our customers loved the Hydragun.

"It's so quiet... this was one of the reasons I bought it in the first place. I can sit next to my wife and massage away quietly while watching TV."

- David Kenny

"It’s quiet so I can use it while I’m watching TV or reading, or while I’m lying in bed."

- Ade Yong

We sought to always over-deliver on every aspect—from customer care to product packaging to the product itself. Our small team worked hard to make sure you received a world-class Hydragun experience.

We had taken the first step towards our vision of getting the Hydragun into 1 million households.
It was exciting.

We also learned one thing.

Recovery isn’t just for professional athletes or hardcore fitness enthusiasts.

Not everyone is an “athlete”. We all come from different walks of life. We all hold different identities. Parents, children, entrepreneurs, office workers, gamers, musicians… You name it. And one thing we all have in common is that we want to live our best lives.

But life can be challenging. It can wear us down. Aches, pains, tension and stress. These things chip away at our performance bit by bit. They wear down the motivation and excitement we once had.

That’s why recovery is so important. Not just for athletes. For everyone.

Anything you do, do it at your best.

This is what connects all of us. The desire to feel and perform at our best every day.
And the excitement, productivity and confidence that comes with it.

From there, we hit the drawing board. Hydragun is for everyone.
The brand should reflect that. Hydragun should be welcoming, inclusive and reflect
our common desire for peak performance.

peak performance (n.) A mental and physical state in which the individual performs to the maximum of their ability. Often characterized by feelings of confidence, effortlessness and total concentration on the task.

Whatever you love to do in life,
Hydragun is here to help you do it at your best.

So we are proud to show you our brand new look. More than that, we also have new content, new champions and very soon a new Hydragun massage gun.

The Hydragun MK II

Coming Soon

We heard your feedback on MK I. The Hydragun MK II is created to fulfil our commitment to you. By designing our own massage gun based on our own experiences and the insights of users, and cutting out traditional “middlemen”, we are able to provide thoughtfully-designed massage guns at a fair price.

We believe that everyone deserves to recover. Because recovery helps you grow and perform at your best. And when you perform at your best, you're happier. And happy humans do more good things in the world.

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